The future of live betting on the NFL will be focused on betting on plays, drives, and next occurrences during the game, rather than on traditional markets like game outcomes and point spreads.

This new future will enable users to place bets on markets that are created and resulted in just minutes or seconds – and that are tied to the core engaging moments that drive the consumption of the sport. Every moment becomes a game within the game.

By automating all market mechanics, we ensure market creation, suspension, resulting, and repricing happens in milliseconds, minimizing suspension time and enabling a better user experience. By using machine learning to algorithmically price all potential outcomes, we offer accurate pricing to enable betting operators to maximize control over margin. For the first time, the requisite technology has been developed to enable this new category of betting, Micro-Markets, to scale to the masses.

In the same way daily fantasy sports introduced instant gratification to season-long fantasy sports, Micro-Markets are introducing instant gratification to sports betting.


Explore our documentation for an overview of the features and functionality of our pricing feeds.


Total New Projected NFL Betting Markets Created by Simplebet*

2,320per game
34,800per week
593,974per season

Total Play Outcome Markets Created by Simplebet*

660per game
9,900per week
168,960per season

Total New Drive-Level Markets Created by Simplebet*

726per game
10,890per week
185,856per season

Total New Next Occurrences Markets Created by Simplebet*

929per game
13,935per week
237,824per season

Total Player Prop Markets Created by Simplebet*

TBDper game
TBDper week
TBDper season

*Estimates based on most current available data. Click Here for more information. Contact Simplebet for questions.